3 Tips for Rocking Your Online Dance Class!


Lots of dancers will be returning to the studio this fall, and lots will be returning to their home studios! Bedrooms, living rooms, basements, we saw it all this spring, and we loved how creative our dancers were about making it work! Now that we have a bit more time to prepare, here are a few tips for making the most of your online dance class.

Dress for Success!

Set the Scene!

Just like if you were coming into the studio, it’s important to get in the right mindset for dance class! Before class, try to clear a bit of space to dance and ask siblings and pets to give you some privacy. (Although personally one of MY favorite things about online dance classes is seeing all your pets join in!) And as tempting as it is to just stay in your pajamas, getting dressed the same way you would if you were coming in the studio will help get you mentally ready for class.

Pro tip: A piece of plywood or a plastic mat (like one that would go under an office chair) is probably your cheapest bet for a DIY tap floor, but there are many options online! Other fun things to set up your at home studio can include pictures of famous dancers that you can print from your computer or cut out of magazines, fun colored lights, or pictures of you and your dance friends!

Work the camera angles!

Try to set up your device so that your teacher can see your entire body! That will help them give you corrections and make sure you’re doing the movements correctly. You may need to adjust as you progress throughout class if you’re doing stretching or exercises on the floor. If it’s not possible to get your whole body on screen, ask your teacher for advice-for instance if it’s a tap class, they might advise you to keep the camera pointed at your legs and feet.

Ask questions!

Your teachers and assistants are happy to help! You can always type a question into the chat box, as it might be difficult for the teacher to hear you over the music in the studio. If you need any suggestions on how to modify movements to work within your dance space, just ask!

Technology can be frustrating at times, but hopefully these tips help make your online class awesome! Have any other tips? Let us know in the comments!


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