ABDC Trivia!


A few fun facts about ABDC that you might not have known!

ABDC started in the basement of the South Acton Congregational Church, then moved to the top floor of Exchange Hall! Before Exchange Hall was renovated, it was a very steep, dark staircase to get up to the studio. We were in ballet class in a thunderstorm once, and we were convinced the building was going to fall down!

The current faculty at ABDC includes 3 teachers who were once students at the studio! Miss Eden, Miss Jen, and Miss Robin all danced at ABDC as students back in the day 🙂

ABDC has been connected to raising money and awareness for breast cancer research after our founder, Melinda, lost her battle to the disease in 2007. From Relay to Life to Choreo for a Cure, bake sales, 50/50 raffles and more, ABDC has raised money for a variety of cancer related charities.

Did you know Melinda used to do choreography for the junior high and high school musicals? She won an award for her choreography for 42nd Street! Miss Melanie also choreographed a number of musicals for RJ Grey as well!

Not sure why, but our dancers are always fascinated to learn that ABDC has an attic! Trust me, you do NOT want to go up there…..there are a lot of spiders.

ABDC’s unofficial mascot is a stuffed goose named Greta. She flocks to the left (iykyk)

The wishing well that was used in our 25th annual recital now lives in Eden and Andy’s front yard.

Have any fun ABDC stories to share? We’d love to hear them!


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