ABDC Trivia!

A few fun facts about ABDC that you might not have known! ABDC started in the basement of the South Acton Congregational Church, then moved to the top floor
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That’s a Wrap, 2020!

Reflecting on 2020 seems like a monumental task. Summoning the headspace to even write this blog post is a challenge, if I’m being honest. This year we were closed
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What I’m Grateful For

Hi friends! Well, this Thanksgiving looks quite a bit different than last year’s, and it’s almost impossible to believe everything that’s happened this year. Sometimes it still feels like
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Local Love!

Hi friends! I can’t believe it’s already the week before Thanksgiving! Every year I say I’m going to start my holiday shopping earlier but every year well…..oops. It’s not
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The Mirror Lies

Hi dance friends! I’ve had this blog post in my mind for a while, and writing it seems like a great way to avoid the news and stress of
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What is real?

Did anyone watch The Social Dilemma? Andy and I watched it the other night, and it was really interesting…..interesting and horrifying all at the same time. I spend a
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Allow Me to Introduce Myself!

Hi friends! We have a bunch of new dance families this year, and since quite a bit has changed in my life since we shut down in March, I
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Get Ready to Head Back to Dance!

Can you believe in less than 3 weeks, we’ll be back in the studio (or dancing online)? We can’t! 2020 has felt like a total time warp (what day
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3 Tips for Rocking Your Online Dance Class!

Lots of dancers will be returning to the studio this fall, and lots will be returning to their home studios! Bedrooms, living rooms, basements, we saw it all this
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Remaining Mission Focused

Does anyone else listen to the How I Built This podcast? Andy and I are obsessed-it’s so fascinating! To briefly summarize for anyone who’s never heard of it-the host
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