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We ask all students and visitors to please observe these rules when attending classes or visiting our facility.

  1. ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR GUM IN THE DANCE ROOMS. Please be respectful of the lobby, and clean up after yourselves when you eat snacks, or we may have to consider policy changes.
  2. WATER BOTTLES ONLY. No juice, soda, or other beverages ANYWHERE in our facility.
  3. NO STREET SHOES IN THE DANCE ROOMS. This applies to visitors, too. Cubbies are provided for shoes in the lobby. 
  4. Students may bring only dance shoes, sweaters, and water bottles into dance rooms. All other items will be stored in the lobby.
  5. Please be respectful of our lobby space by keeping the noise level and distractions to a minimum. There are benches and chairs available for SITTING and WATCHING classes, but our lobby is not a gymnasium.


In order to withdraw from a class and be eligible for a refund, you must inform the studio in writing (either email or letter) of your intention to withdraw from a class (or classes).  The withdrawal will take effect from the date that your email or letter was sent, not the date that the student last attended class.  Failure to notify the studio in writing of a withdrawal may make you ineligible for a refund.

  1. Students who withdraw before classes begin on September 8th will receive a full refund, less the registration fee.
  2. Students who withdraw during the first five classes of the FIRST 11-week session will receive a refund of half of the tuition for that session.  There are no refunds for 1st session tuition after the fifth class of the first term.
  3. Students who withdraw after the first five classes of the first session and before December 15th will receive a credit on their account for remaining classes already paid.
  4. Students who withdraw after December 15th are ineligible for a refund for second term.
  5. Students who withdraw from classes after December 15th will be sent an invoice for the remaining balance on their account, which will be due a month after the invoice was sent.  
  6. Refunds will be given for the remainder of the term for any class cancelled due to low enrollment.
  7. Refunds or credits will not be given for late arrivals, early departures, or classes missed due to illness, injury, or outside activities.
  8. Mini session classes must be paid for prior to the first class taken.  No refunds are given for dropped classes, however dancers dropping out before the third class of the session will receive a credit for half the tuition to be used for a future class or activity at ABDC.


  1. Costume deposits are NOT refundable after December 15; there are no exceptions.  Costume companies make costumes to order and do not accept returns, therefore we cannot give refunds for costumes after they’ve been ordered.
  2. Competition costume and entrance fees are non-refundable; there are no exceptions.  Please see your team contract for competition team fees.
  3. Families are responsible for costumes once they have been handed out.  If a costume is lost or damaged, the family will be responsible for paying for the replacement costume and associated shipping charges.

Snow Cancellations

In the event of bad weather, an email will be sent by 8:00am for morning classes and by 12:00 noon for afternoon and evening classes. A message will also be posted to the home page of the website whenever possible. Up to 2 make-ups will be offered for any classes cancelled due to bad weather.  If more than 2 of any day of classes are missed, dancers will be allowed to make-up additional classes in the same style of equal or lower level (please email Eden if you are unsure what classes qualify).  For example-if 3 Mondays are cancelled due to snow, 2 make-up days will be offered and students may make-up the third in a different class.

Missed Classes

Students may make up any missed dance classes during first or second term. Classes can be made up in another section of equal or lower level. Feel free to email if you aren’t sure what classes qualify.  Refunds or credits will not be given for classes missed due to illness, injury, or outside activities.


Budding Ballerinas-any color leotard and pink tights, ballet skirt optional. Pink ballet slippers. Hair pulled back.  

Tiny Tots/Tiny Dancers-comfortable clothes for movement.  Bare feet or ballet slippers, hair pulled back.

Twirl N' Tap-any color leotard and pink tights, ballet skirt optional. Pink ballet slippers and black tap shoes. Hair pulled back.

Kinder-hop-Comfortable clothing suitable for movement. Hair pulled back. Students may wear jazz shoes or a clean pair of sneakers (not worn outside).

Ballet and Pointe Classes-Any color leotard and tights (pink tights preferred). Ballet skirt or shorts, and pink ballet slippers or pointe shoes. Hair pulled back in a bun. No pants or baggy tops allowed.

Jazz Classes-Any color leotard leotard preferred, or form-fitting dance attire (ie. tights and shorts, leggings, or dance pants). Tan slip-on jazz shoes. Hair pulled back. No baggy shirts or pants allowed.

Tap Classes-Same as jazz classes, but with black tap shoes (full sole shoes preferred).

Hip-Hop-Comfortable clothing suitable for movement. Full-sole dance sneakers required-please visit Dance This Way in West Concord to order.  Students already owning black or white full-soled sneakers may wear those, as long as they are not worn outside.

Modern-Same as jazz classes, but dancers must be barefoot.

Lyrical-Same as jazz classes, dancers may wear Foot Undeez or dance barefoot.  Colored or patterned Foot Undeez not acceptable for use in the recital.

Competition Teams-Leotard and tights, dancers may wear ballet skirt, shorts, or leggings. Tan slip-on jazz shoes and black tap shoes.

Boot Camp-Comfortable clothing suitable for movement. Students will be informed what type of shoes should be worn for each class. Hair pulled back.

Boys Dress Code-black dance pants and tee shirt.  For ballet, black ballet slippers.  For jazz, tan jazz shoes.  For tap, black tap shoes.

Contact Us:

Acton-Boxborough Dance Center

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