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What should I expect when we arrive at the studio?

When you walk into the lobby of ABDC, you will see a friendly high school student sitting at the desk, available to answer any of your questions. There are two different dance rooms, the green room to your right, and the blue room to your left. Classes run simultaneously in these rooms daily. We invite family members and guests to sit and watch our classes through the viewing windows in the lobby. Parents are invited into the classrooms once a term to observe classes and get an even closer look into the ABDC experience.

How and when do we register for classes?

Registration will begin at the end of May for the 2019-2020 school year! Click here to register. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Families that register prior to June 30th will receive $10 off! Classes have a tendency to fill up quickly, so try to submit your registration forms as soon as possible. The schedule will be updated on the website to indicate when classes are filled to capacity, and waiting lists will be created as necessary.  Please let us know when you register if you do not intend to continue for all three sessions or participate in our spring recital.

What do we do if we discover a scheduling conflict?

The ABDC schedule is divided into three terms, culminating in a recital in May. Classes consist of both technical instruction and choreography rehearsal for pieces to be performed in the annual recital. Habitual attendance is important for student dancers in achieving the best technical progression. If scheduling conflicts do arise, please email us at to help you find a better class time, or suggest appropriate make-up class options.

If you would like to forgo participation in the recital, please inform us before the beginning of Term 2, as that is when costume ordering is completed. Costume deposits are refundable only until December 15; there are no exceptions.

When should I expect a response from ABDC after I call or email?

During the week, we try to get back to you within 24 hours!  Sometimes this is not always possible, but it is our goal to provide the best customer service possible.  Sometimes to provide you with the most thoughtful response we have to consult our teachers, and it may take a bit longer to get back to you.

Are there Make-Up Classes?

Students may make up any missed dance classes during first or second term. Classes can be made up in another section of equal or lower level. Feel free to email if you aren’t sure what classes qualify. 

How and when are Placements decided?

After our annual recital in May, placement emails are sent out to every ABDC student. These emails recommend students for the appropriate class levels for the following year. If scheduling conflicts arise when the schedule is released in mid-June, and students are unable to register for their recommended classes, they may take another section of a particular class at an equal or lower level.

If you are a student new to ABDC, we encourage you to email to discuss what class selections would best fit your dancing desires and previous experience.

What are the Financial Commitments?

There is a payment period for each of the three 11-week terms, so three payments will be due each year. Tuition must be paid in full for each term by that term's start date. Class times vary in length. Please refer to the Master Schedule of Classes to determine total class hours and calculate tuition. Add the total hours of weekly classes for all family members, and use the following table:


CLASS FEE TABLE / PER 11-WEEK SESSION (3 consecutive sessions per school year)
Class times vary in length. Please refer to the Class Schedule to determine total class hours and calculate tuition. Add the total hours of weekly classes for all family members, and use the following table:

0.50 hr $110
0.75 hr $150
1.00 hr $192
1.25 hr $232
1.50 hr $280
1.75 hr $315
2.00 hr $355
2.25 hr $397

2.50 hr $438
2.75 hr $480
3.00 hr $520
3.25 hr $561
3.50 hr $598
3.75 hr $639
4.00 hr $675
4.25 hr $715

4.50 hr $757
4.75 hr $794
5.00 hr $830
5.25 hr $865
5.50 hr $900
5.75 hr $937
6.00 hr $975
6.25 hr $1,010

6.50 hr $1,045
6.75 hr $1,080
7.00 hr $1,120
7.25 hr $1,148
7.50 hr $1,185
7.75 hr $1,215
8.00 hr $1,251

Please contact us for rates over 8 hours!

Mini Session Classes-$70/6 week session, no registration fee or costume fees!



The registration fee is as follows and will be charged with the first session tuition.  The registration fee is $30 for the first dancer in each family, and $5 for the second.  Families with more than two dancers will have a $35 registration fee.Please read our refund policy.

  1. Recital costumes are $100/class (for all classes with the exception Mini Session classes and non-recital classes).  A separate invoice for costume fees will be sent upon registration and is due by December 15th.  Costumes will not be ordered for dancers who have not paid the costume invoice in full by this date.  This costume fee includes new tights for the recital.
  2. Competition dancers-please refer to your team contract for fee due dates.
  3. A late fee of $10 per week will be charged for overdue tuition.
  4. Recital tickets must be purchased in order to watch the performance.
  5. All tuition must be paid in full by the date of our end of the year recital.  
  6. If you only intend to participate in the first session, you must notify the studio in writing by November 1st.  If you only plan to participate in the first 2 sessions, you must notify the studio in writing by December 1st. It is assumed that dancers will participate in all three sessions unless we are notified otherwise.


how do I pay?

You can pay online via credit card or echeck using our online registration system, or you can drop payment off at the studio in our secure lockbox.  You can also mail payment to:


PO Box 2697

Acton, MA 01720