Class Descriptions


ABDC offers a wide variety of dance styles for any age and experience level. We have beginning classes for young ones (starting at age 1), kids, and teens. We also created classes that cater to dancers for every level of commitment, from recreational dancers who take one or two classes a week, to dancers who take as many classes as they can possibly cram into their schedules!

MOVING MINIS- We’ll explore movement and music in this creative dance class! This class is for ages 2-3.5. This class does not perform in our end of the year recital. Dancers are encouraged to begin to participate in this class independently to grow their confidence!

MOVING MINI AND ME-This class is for dancers ages 1-3 along with a parent/caregiver to participate in together! We’ll dance together and explore fun movement patterns that you can explore at home, too!

TINY DANCERS — Tiny Dancer classes are ballet/creative movement classes for our preschool movers! Come explore movement and music in a fun and supportive environment. Tiny Dancers are classes for children who are ready to participate in class independent of their parent/guardian! Dancers MUST be 3 by September 1st to enroll in this class.

TINY TAPPERS-This class is an introduction to tap for ages 3-5! Dancers will love learning about rhythm and making music with their feet!

TWIRL N’ TAP — A unique class for 5- and 6-year-olds, it combines 30 minutes of pre-ballet with 30 minutes of tap. The class offers a unique structure that introduces young dancers to different dance styles!

HIP HOPPIN’ TOTS— Ages 3-5. This class is perfect for our littlest hip-hoppers! We will learn basic jazz and hip hop steps and improve gross motor skills while listening to fun and age-appropriate music! Students will love this high energy class! This class will learn a routine to perform in our end-of-the-year recital.

CLASSICAL BALLET — Classical ballet is available to children aged 6 through adult. Careful training in ballet will instill grace and strength that will be valuable assets throughout life. Pointe work is available through invitation only; to ensure that this strenuous work is not detrimental to a growing body and to prevent injury, a child must be physically and technically ready for pointe.

LYRICAL — Grades 3+. This class is designed ballet dancer who wants to develop the artistic, creative, and expressive side of ballet. It is a choreography-driven class that encourages the interpretation of music and lyrics through dance. Students must be currently placed and enrolled in a classical ballet class or jazz class at ABDC to participate in lyrical.

TAP — Offered to those age 5 through adulthood, tap is a dance style that develops quickness of step and mind, as well as precision in movement, and enhances both rhythm and musicality.

JAZZ — Grades 1+. Jazz is a style of dance that continues to evolve, as does our popular culture, and can encompass such varied styles as classical, swing, hip hop, and funk. Please note that students wishing to be eligible to take a Senior level jazz class must also be enrolled in ballet.

HIP HOP — For students grades 1 and up, hip hop is a vibrant, energetic urban dance technique that has become widespread over the last decade and allows students to dance to popular music.

BOOGALOO — Boogaloo is a culture of dance from the West Coast (Fresno, California) that developed adjacent to Hip Hop in the late 1970’s.  It involves dance forms such as Boogaloo, Popping, Gliding, Robot, Waving, and much more!  It is danced to funk music of all forms, and emphasizes the musical groove of the music.  Join Mr. Nathan as you learn the techniques and vocabulary of these dance forms while also learning about their history.  This class promotes freedom of expression, featuring both freestyle and choreographic elements to aid students in mastering their own style and feeling the funk that is inside of them!

MODERN — Grades 5+. This class uses impulse, dynamics, shape, and design to explore and develop new movement language. Graham, Horton, and Limon techniques will be utilized. Please note that students wishing to be eligible to take a Senior level modern class must also be enrolled in ballet.

PRE-POINTE/POINTE – This class is offered by invitation only to our experienced ballet students. Pre-pointe (taken in ballet slippers) is specifically designed to strengthen and stretch the ankles and feet in order to get them ready for dancing en pointe. Dancers who are recommended for Pointe work will receive an email from the director. Students may be given exercises to do outside of class, and will be individually coached and encouraged to work at their own pace. Please note that some dancers will be required to take this class for at least a full year (possibly more) before getting pointe shoes as we are committed to proper technique and injury prevention.

COMPETITION TEAM (Ruby, Diamond, Emerald and Crystal Teams, Team Aspire, Team Adrenaline and Team Ambition) — Grades 1-12. Competition team is a great way to take your dance training to the next level, gain performance experience, and have the opportunity to make new friends as part of the team. Requirements vary depending on what team you are placed on, please email teamdirector@abdancectr.com for more information!

MUSICAL THEATER DANCE — If you love theater and all things Broadway, this class is for you! This class focuses on jazz dance, with some other styles of dance mixed in, and has an emphasis on stage presence and performing quality. Perfect for students interested in musical theater to improve their dance technique!

DANCE REMIX-Interested in dance but not sure what style to take, or not ready for a full year commitment? This class is for you! These classes will introduce dancers to ballet, jazz, and hip hop in shorter sessions (fall, winter, and spring). Students in the spring session class will perform 1 dance in our end of the year recital.