Our Mission

It can be really hard, as quiet kid in a competitive town like Acton, to find a place to truly belong. And finding that place is super important! Kids need a place to feel accepted, to let go of the stress of school, to make friends and gain confidence. But it’s not easy!

I know all this because I was that kid. At the age of 11, I was shy and overwhelmed at the idea of Junior High. I didn’t play sports, wasn’t in band, or into theater. I danced, and loved taking ballet, but I didn’t really feel like I had found MY place. In 1998, my mom decided my sister and I would switch studios, to Acton-Boxborough Dance Center, because we lived very close to the studio which at that time was in Exchange Hall. I wasn’t that excited to have a new school, and a new studio, but learning that one of my friends from Gates was also starting at ABDC made the adjustment less scary.

Almost instantly, I knew I had found my place. In the next 6 years I spent dancing at ABDC, I met teachers who made a lasting impact on my life, gained an inseparable group of friends inside the studio and out, and became a more confident young adult. As an added bonus, I became even more obsessed with this crazy dance life, and found my purpose-to teach and mentor future generations of kids just like myself.

2004 Recital-With Melinda and my best friend, Jen!
Dance friends are the best friends!

I know what it feels like to worry that you’re not going to have anyone to sit next to, or to be stressed about tests. I know what it feels like to worry about your college essays, or to have anxiety about giving presentations in front of the class. And I ALSO know the feeling of relief walking into the studio and being greeted by your friends and teachers. I know the joy of being able to release all the stress of the day with music and movement. I know the confidence that allows me to speak at the end of each recital in front of everyone comes from my time on the stage. I know firsthand the power that dance has, and I want everyone to have a chance to experience it!

So join us for a free trial class, or come by and see the studio! Give us a call at 978-264-0100 or email us at director@abdancectr.com. I’d love to share more about why I’m so passionate about ABDC, and why I know you will be too.

Happy Dancing!

Miss Eden, Studio Director