3 Tips for Hosting Your Own At-Home Dance Party!


#1 Crank some tunes!  You can’t have a dance party without a killer playlist!  I love using Spotify because it’s super easy to make playlists, and you can even have it filter out songs labeled “explicit” which is super helpful!  Here’s our ABDC playlist filled with our staff favorites!

#2 Set the stage!  Clear a space so that you have room to boogie!  Nothing ruins a dance party faster than a broken lamp.  Make sure you’ve got lots of room! You can even set up some chairs for your audience-stuffed animals make a great crowd to perform for!  I got a pair of disco lights from Walmart for less than $20, plug them in for an instant party vibe! They are so fun, and make any dance party super special.

#3 Prepare some props!  We have lots of awesome props at the studio, but there are lots of great items in your closets just waiting to come out!  Hairbrushes and wooden spoons make great microphones, and stuffed animals make great dance partners or audience members. Scarves are super fun to twirl around with, and who doesn’t love to play dress up in their old recital or Halloween costumes? The options are endless!

Dance parties at home are a super fun way to make any day special!  And if you want to learn some new moves to bust out at your next dance party, ABDC has you covered!  We’ll have you feeling confident on the dance floor-whether it’s at the studio, on stage, or in your living room!  Call us today at 978-264-0100 or click here to claim your FREE week of dance classes-up to a $75 value! We can’t wait to dance with you!