What Motivates You?


Hi Dancers!

I thought on this post-competition Monday, it’d be good to do a blog post on what motivates you!  One of the things I love about dance competitions is the chance to see other dancers perform-it is always so inspiring!  I’m naturally a very competitive person, so that really drives me in my own dancing-I always wanted to jump the highest, do the most turns, get the choreography faster than the person next to me.  When I was in high school, we tried a new step in pointe class, and I couldn’t execute it right away, but another dancer in my class did!  When class ended, I asked my teacher if I could practice the step in the corner while her next class warmed up and she said yes-I must’ve stayed in their for 15-20 minutes just doing the same step over and over again until I got it!  It’s always very motivating to me to see someone doing something I haven’t mastered yet-my competitive side comes out for sure!  (Side note: I also love to play board games and while I like to think I’m a good loser-you can bet that I HATE to lose!)

Another thing that motivates me is the desire to see what I can achieve, regardless of what the person next to me is doing.  C


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