We Have to Get Creative


I can pretty much hear your eyes rolling as you read the title of this post….actually I think I rolled my eyes as I was typing it! I know we’re all sick of hearing this phrase as almost every aspect of our lives has changed-from grocery shopping, to school, to dance class! But as cliche as it might be, it’s also true, and luckily there is almost nothing more creative than a room full of dancers! So I thought I’d take this post to chat about the ways that we’re creatively returning to dance.

Regular Dance Classes

Most of our dance classes will be business as usual…..with an asterisk! These classes will take place in the studio and will look the most like the classes you’re used to. However, we have lots of new protocols and procedures in place-from hand sanitizing stations, to tape on the floor for distancing, smaller class sizes, and mask wearing in the common areas. The safety of our dancers, staff, and families is the most important thing, so we’re staying updated with local and national guidelines and making sure we’re taking all necessary precautions so that we can dance together safely!

Small Group Classes

We know there are families who are looking for an activity without a long commitment or a large group, hence our NEW small group classes! These classes will have a maximum of 5 dancers and will meet in 4 week sessions with no registration or costume fees. Have you expanded your bubble to include families with kids the same age? Register all together for a fun activity for the kids and a break for parents (even if that just means some peace, quiet, and wifi in our lobby)!

Private Lessons

Private lessons is something we’ve always offered, but for families that don’t feel comfortable in a group setting yet (which we totally get!), this is a great way to continue or start dancing! Private lessons allow students to work 1 on 1 with one of our teachers and lessons are customized for the student’s goals! We can do semi-private lessons as well, and are more than happy to go over the cleaning and safety procedures we have in place!

Online Classes

Some families may prefer to keep activities online for now, and we get that! We’re still working through the technology on this one, but are working on getting our studios tech-enabled, so that dancers can join any of our regular classes from home on Zoom! Not only will this be awesome for families that aren’t ready to return in person, but it’s also a great feature for students dancing in person because you’ll be able to join us even if you’re on vacation, or home with a mild cold that might prevent you from coming to the studio even if you’re feeling well enough to dance. Once we have all our technology set up, we’ll open registration for this new online option, so stay tuned!

What Else?

I’ve got no shortage of ideas, but would love to hear from you how ABDC can best support you, especially those who may be choosing full remote learning for the school year. If you are planning to form small groups of children the same age, would you be interested in a daytime movement class, free play time, or craft time at the studio supervised by one of our instructors? Parents could use our wifi to get work done during this time! Or would you like day time dance classes-maybe one studio for an adult dance class while kiddos take class in the other studio? A more PE-style class for kids to get some energy out during the day? We’ve got the space and the lysol, you tell us what you need! Comment on this post or email director@abdancectr.com!


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