The Mirror Lies


Hi dance friends!

I’ve had this blog post in my mind for a while, and writing it seems like a great way to avoid the news and stress of today. I hope you are all doing well, and taking time to breath, eat leftover Halloween candy, and get some fresh air!

So, when I took psychology in high school, I remember learning that everyone sees colors a little differently. Even if we’re both looking at the same blue shirt, you might see a slightly differently shade of blue than I do. I was mind boggled! How do you ever truly know what color something is??

Well, I feel like looking in the mirror is the same way. I might look in the mirror and think “geeze, Sally’s leotard is so pretty. Her hair is perfect, and mine is such a mess. I wish I looked like her.” But guess what? Sally could be looking in the mirror and thinking the same exact thing about me! We’re both looking in the same mirror, but seeing different things.

In dance class, the mirror is a double-edged sword. It helps us see the positions, lines, and shapes our body is making as we dance. It helps us follow along with choreography, and correct our alignment. But it’s important to remember that the mirror doesn’t show us everything. The mirror isn’t going to tell you that your turns were better this week than last week. The mirror doesn’t congratulate you for working your butt off in class. I might look into the mirror and feel discouraged, but the mirror doesn’t know that I just had a baby!

So while we take class, it’s important to use the mirror as a tool to help us improve, but it’s also important that we don’t let the mirror overpower us. It’s important that sometimes we DON’T look in the mirror, and we just dance how we feel. And remember that no matter what YOU see in the mirror, I see a dancer who is strong, brave, and learning.

Stay safe and stay sane today, dancers!