Dancing After High School


A student asked me a couple of weeks ago what dancing after high school looks like, if you don’t pursue it as a major. So off I went to check in with our ABDC alumni and ask them to share with me what it’s looked like for them!

Most of our alumni say that they’ve found lots of opportunities to dance, and to try new styles of dance, after high school. They’ve also had lots of opportunities to perform and choreograph as well! A lot of our alumni also say that continuing to dance after high school has given them opportunities to make friends and build connections, and as we all know-dance friends are the best!

Most of the alumni I heard from have loved having the opportunity to learn dance styles they never tried at ABDC! Sarah B. has taken salsa and bachata classes and Emily R. has taken zumba, hip hop, and character dance. Samantha W. says that her college has groups for lyrical and modern dance, hip hop, salsa, African Diaspora Dance, and many more! Muhlenberg, where Emily L. is a student, offers classes in yoga, pilates, African dance, and aerial acrobatics.

Our alumni have continued to perform with dance groups in college and beyond-as part of competitive teams, ensembles, and clubs-regardless of whether they were a dance major or minor. Several of our alumni mentioned loving the opportunity that these groups gave them to choreograph as well! Beyond college, they’ve found opportunities to perform with groups like DanceWorks Boston.

A common theme was that continuing to dance has been a great way to relieve stress, try new things, and meet new people! Emma E. says “I think the sense of community and belonging I’ve found through dance in college and beyond has been the most meaningful to me. ” Emily L. says “Overall, don’t be afraid to take risks and put yourself out there! There are so many wonderful and welcoming dance opportunities beyond high school that can be as intense or casual as you would prefer!”

If you’re local, come party with us in Adult Tap on Fridays and Zumba on Wednesdays! Or let us know what kind of opportunities you’re looking for and we might be able to point you in the right direction. Keep on dancing! 🙂


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