Ways to Beat Summer Dance Withdrawal!


Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from dancing!  It can be good for our bodies and our minds to take a break.  But eventually the dance withdrawal sets in!  Here are some ideas to beat the no-dance-blues!

  1. Drop in to June classes!  ABDC has classes running through the end of the month and you can drop in, so come dance with us!
  2. Get out and move!  Even if dance classes are on break, you can take yoga, jazzercise, or just go for a run, bike ride, or walk!
  3. Have a dance party with some friends!  Gather some friends, play some music, and have a dance party!
  4. Watch dance movies!  There are lots of great choices-from documentaries like First Position, to movies like Step Up, Leap or movie musicals!  Pop some popcorn and dance along!
  5. Watch old recital videos!  There’s no better way to get excited about the upcoming dance year.
  6. Even without dance classes at the studio, you can still work on your technique!  I like Kathryn Morgan’s barre videos on Youtube! Grab a chair and get to work on those tendus!  We’ll also be doing some Facebook live videos this summer, so stay tuned for those!
  7. Stretch!!  Too nice to be inside?  Bring your yoga mat outside for an outdoor stretch session!
  8. Go see a show!  There are lots of great performances that will help you get your dance fix.

How long does it take before you are itching to get back to dance?  For me, it’s about 3 days 😛




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