Alumni Series Part 4


Today’s alumni interview is with Erykah Sweeney, ABDC class of 2017! She danced at ABDC for 11 years, and last year she rocked onstage in our family dance and our alumni dance! We’re so glad that she’s still dancing and that we still get to see her at the studio and at recital time!

What role did dance play in your life post ABDC and what role does it play in your life today?

To have fun of course but also be yourself which has continued on as of today

What are some ways you think dance training carries over in other aspects of life?

Dance training carries over in other aspects of life because you help other people learn to dance and stay strong.

What have been some of the biggest lessons or takeaways from your dance experience?

You should always be yourself and don’t let any thing pull you down. Always keep your head up high even when you make a mistake .

Funniest/most memorable dance experience?

Getting up on that stage for my last year of dancing at the studio and feeling the support and love from Friends, Family, and all the dance teachers.

Thank you for sharing, Erykah!


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