3 Reasons to Take Hip Hop!


We love our hip hop classes at ABDC!  Hip hop is such a fun style of dance-and everyone can get involved, from kids to adults!  Here are 3 reasons why hip hop is such an awesome class to take!

 Hip Hop promotes confidence and self-expression!

A big part of hip hop is being yourself and “freestyling,” which makes this class perfect for kids who like to be creative and invent their own moves!  Doing your own thing and having your classmates there to cheer you on is a great confidence builder, and the freedom of expression is a great outlet to release stress!

Hip Hop is great exercise!

Hip hop is high energy and fast moving!  This means it’s great exercise, and also helps a lot with sports!  Fast footwork, getting up and down quickly-these things make a great dancer and a great athlete.

Hip Hop is for everyone!

Hip hop is great for girls and boys.  Plus, there’s no special attire required as long as you can move around comfortably, so it’s great for kids who aren’t into the idea of a leotard and tights.

We are still enrolling in some of our hip hop classes at ABDC-please email director@abdancectr.com or call (978) 264-0100 if you’d like to set up a trial class!


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