What I’m Grateful For


Hi friends!

Well, this Thanksgiving looks quite a bit different than last year’s, and it’s almost impossible to believe everything that’s happened this year. Sometimes it still feels like a dream, doesn’t it? And yet, there’s still so much that I’m grateful for.

Firstly, I’m grateful to all of you for continuing to support ABDC. We’ve been put through the ringer this year, but the support and love we’ve received has been overwhelming. Reading back through some of the emails I got when we were shut down reminds me just how lucky I am to know all of you. And now that we’re back in action, I’ll never stop being grateful for your trust in us to return to the studio safely. I’m so proud of the community that we’ve built, and truly grateful for each and every one of you!

Secondly, I’m grateful to the ABDC faculty (Brittany, Melanie, Dee, Christine, Jen, Robin, and Caitlyn, as well as all our student assistants!) for their vision. They kept me going last spring whenever I felt overwhelmed and defeated. It’s important to me that the work environment at ABDC is a collaborative one, because all our teachers are so passionate, smart, and capable. ABDC just wouldn’t exist without them, and for their support and hard work I’ll be eternally grateful!

Thirdly, I’m grateful for family and health. If nothing else, this year has taught us not to take that for granted, and I’m grateful that in addition to all the craziness 2020 brought us, it also brought me and Andy a happy and healthy little girl! She’s been the sunshine among a lot of the clouds of this year. It makes me so happy to see how loved she is by the ABDC family already, and for that I’m so grateful.

I’m also grateful for ice cream, Mooney (the goodest dog in all the land), warm blankets, cocoa, and that in a few days it will be officially acceptable to listen to Christmas music.

What are you grateful for this year?


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